Get your tweets better noticed

Everyone wants their tweets to get noticed. Maybe even retweeted? And what if, maybe, a movie star, rock star or other influencer notices your tweet and retweets it? That’s gold. What if there was way to increase your chances of that happening?

It seems like a lot of what I post about here on my blog is how people create new technology tools in order to better use popular social media networks. Well, this post is no exception. Chenhao Tan and other researchers from Cornell University studied the effect of wording on how well a message will propagate through social media.  They “collected thousands of pairs of tweets across many different accounts and analyzed the number of shares in relation to key phrases, online communities reached and other factors.” (Mashable, 2015)  I won’t summarize the whole Mashable article, which summarizes the researchers findings, but you can check it out and try it out for yourself. They’ve built an online demo where you can see which will determine which wording of a tweet will be more popular.  Pretty neat.


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  1. What a great tool! I’m going to share this with the class as a resource they can use for our final project.


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